Commercial Truck Repair Memphis and The Midsouth

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M.S. Trailer Repair is proud of our qualified mechanics who for over 30 years have performed hundreds of commercial truck repair jobs in Memphis for our customers each year.

Our Memphis and Midsouth area customers include large fleet groups, small trucking companies and owner operators. 

Whether you are a large fleet group or own one truck, our goals are to treat you with respect and get your power unit(s) back in service at a fair cost.

Power Unit Services Include:

Brake Repairs 

Oil Changes 

AC Repairs

Tire Inspections and Replacement

Tire Balancing

Transmission Service  

Light System Replacement 

LED Lighting Installation    

Mud Flap Installation 

Seat Replacement

Proper power unit mechanical service is a mandatory maintenance requirement that can't be ignored if you want your truck to possibly reach the designed life expectancy.

One thing is for sure; just like excessive engine idling, maintenance neglect will cut the life of the power unit by hundreds of thousands of miles.

M.S. Trailer Repair offers power unit service packages designed to help save you money and help keep your commercial truck operating at optimal performance.

Contact Mike Russell with M.S. Trailer Repair at 901-362-6800 to discuss setting a schedule for needed maintenance service or to get answers for any additional questions.