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Owner operators of hot shot trailers and car haulers typically have everything on the line with every single contracted haul. One expensive unexpected but preventable repair can put many of you temporarily and sometimes even permanently out of the game.

Poor mechanical service, neglected trailer maintenance or not being mechanically inclined will usually show up on side of the highway with your customer's load on the disabled trailer as you pay a steep premium for tow service.

M.S. Trailer understands the importance of providing thorough inspections and properly communicating the status and possible outcomes of mechanical issues with the customer to allow us to return the trailer to the owner in a safe operating condition.

Services Offered

Just bought a new hot shot trailer?

Do yourself a favor and verify the axle bearings were packed properly and the braking system is working as designed or you may find the exhaust brake is your best friend when going down steep grades fully loaded. 

If you need our help, M.S. Trailer's qualified technicians can perform a safety check to verify the wheel bearings are packed properly and the brakes are performing correctly. 

Services Offered:

We are also ready to perform the following services to keep your hot shot trailer or auto hauler or fleet of trailers in service for years to come:

Brake Repair

Axle and Suspension Repair

Tire Inspection and Replacement

Tire Balancing

Electrical System Repair

Lighting Repairs

Body Work

Trailer Structure Repairs

Deck Replacement and Sealing


Pre-purchase Inspections

DOT Inspections

Contact Mike Russell at 1-901-362-6800 to discuss having your hot shot trailer repairs and car hauler repairs performed by a company who cares about the customer's concerns with a focus on safety and on working to keep the necessary repair cost to a minimum.

Trailer Safety Alert

Schedule A Planned Safety Inspection


Equalizers, leaf springs and even bolts wear out. 

Look very closely at the bolts securing the equalizer. You may be shocked to see that one or more bolts are on the way to shearing in half with the bolt holes on the  equalizer wallowed out. 

Planned inspections including removing the tires for proper inspection can help save lives from accidents plus save you a lot of grief and money.