Semi Truck AC Repair


Semi-Truck A/C Repair - Memphis, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri

Are you needing to schedule a semi truck ac repair in Memphis ?

Is the A/C system freezing up in your truck? Does that mean the system is low on refrigerant?While that may be the case in some instances, it could also mean the temperature control device is bad, a coil is obstructed or the metering device may be restricted due to contaminants in the system. Let M.S. Trailer Repair's qualified technicians analyze your truck's a/c unit to ensure it is operating at optimal performance.

Our in-depth diagnostics' procedures for the following typical problems will locate and identify the source of your cooling equipment's malfunction:

  • Refrigerant Loss - Shredder valves, connections and seals inspected and tested for leaks. Seals are known to wear out.
  • Obstructed Air Coils and Refrigerant Filters
  • Defective Temperature Controls - Devices inspected and tested
  • Undercharging or Undersized Battery Systems
  • Electrical System Malfunctions - Fan motors, safety switches, and wiring connections inspected and tested
  • Proper Belt Tension For Compressors and Alternators 

We are thorough with our analysis of a/c systems because we want you to become a satisfied customer who appreciates our honesty and efforts to save you money. 

Contact M.S. Trailer Repair, one of the best semi truck repair shops in Memphis, at 901-362-6800 to set an appointment to keep your truck in service making money.