Trailer Structure Repairs


Semi-Trailer Structural Repairs - Memphis, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri

Need semi trailer structural repairs in Memphis completed to get your transportation equipment back in service?

M.S. Trailer Repair's qualified mechanics are ready to help extend the life of the semi-trailers in your fleet.

We handle the following repairs for semi-trailer structural components:

  • Panel Repair / Replacement  
  • Door Repair / Replacement 
  • Deck Repair / Replacement 
  • Cross Member Replacement 
  • Railing Repair / Replacement 
  • Roof Repairs 
  • Welding Repairs

Our mechanics use materials to match or exceed the specifications of the manufacturer's existing materials used in the semi-trailer's construction.

Decking Repair Caution:

Placing rubber, composite or wood material to cover existing damaged wood decking can actually prove to be a costly mistake due to the extra weight weakening the structural integrity of the railing and cross member structural components.

In addition, any liquid / moisture becoming trapped beneath the covering material could further damage the existing wood deck with the expanded damage only becoming evident when the deck structure gives way due to the heavy weight of a loaded pallet or from the weight of a fork lift.

An existing covered deck sagging due to the extra weight could also create a personal injury liability by impacting a fork lift driver's ability to enter the trailer safely to load the pallets of materials.


Another area of concern is the possible damage to a customer's shipment when the pallets shift from the uneven decking system.

The cheapest and quickest way to make a trailer decking repair is not always in your best interest in the long run.

Let our trained mechanics make the needed trailer structural repairs right the first time with solving safety issues pertaining to your equipment a top priority.

Contact M.S. Trailer Repair, one of the best semi truck repair shops in Memphis, at 901-362-6800 to discuss making structural repairs to your semi-trailer or fleet of trailers and to have a partner committed to your success.