Electrical System Repair


Semi Truck and Trailer Electrical System Repair Memphis, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri

Having semi truck and trailer electrical system problems?

M.S. Trailer Repair's qualified mechanics are ready to help identify and solve the problems keeping your truck out of service not making money.

We'll do a system diagnostics of your truck's or trailer's electrical system in the problem area to identify and locate the electrical malfunction.We identify and correct electrical problems in the following truck and trailer areas:

  • Wiring harness inspection and repair
  • Identify and repair wiring harness connectors
  • Analyze circuit protection devices, switches, relays and solenoids for proper operation
  • Repair electrical lighting circuits for a short circuit, ground fault, open circuit, and high resistance. 
  • Service and test battery voltage supply systems 
  • Evaluate and repair computer control system component failures 

We are thorough with our analysis of your electrical system repair because we want you to become a satisfied customer who appreciates our honesty and efforts to save you money.

Contact M.S. Trailer Repair at 901-362-6800 to have any needed semi truck and trailer electrical system repairs in Memphis completed by a trucking repair service company that works hard to keep your truck in service making money.