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Semi Truck and Trailer Brake Service - Memphis, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri

With most over the road trucks and trailers operated under heavy load and tough driving conditions, heavy duty brake linings need to be inspected quarterly.

Let M.S. Trailer Repair's qualified brake technicians perform a thorough semi truck and trailer brake service in Memphis to keep your brake lining replacements to a minimum.

We start with reviewing the thickness of the brake lining to see how close you are to needing to replace the brake lining. Once you reach or get near a brake lining measurement of 16/32"; you will need to start planning a brake lining replacement in the very near future.  Brake drum damage will occur from the brake lining rivets once the brake lining measurement gets below 14/32". 

Next, our technicians will further analyze the brake lining to determine the extent of possible heat checking damage. We look for evidence of the brakes running hot resulting in numerous cracks in the lining material.

From this analysis, we determine if uneven brake loads or brake drag is the culprit for extensive brake checking which leads to premature brake lining wear.  The excessive brake checking may have simply been caused by the incorrect brake blocking material chosen for your last scheduled brake lining replacement.

We select the brake block material based on your driving conditions. A good example is if your freight destinations carry you over mountains or through cities with a lot of start and stopping, you would need brake blocking linings made of a premium grade semi-metallic material designed to operate where friction temperatures may reach 1000 degrees.

In addition to shortening the life of the brake lining, the wrong brake blocking lining material chosen for your driving conditions can increase the chances of the very dangerous condition known as brake fade occurring on steep grades and in heavy traffic start and stop conditions. 

Our mechanics don't stop there! 

As part of ensuring your brakes are given every chance to perform up to or past the life expectancy of the brake block material, we do the following to deliver excellent service: 

  • Install new brake hardware to support the proper operation of the new brake lining. 
  • Verify proper operation and condition of slack adjusters 
  • Inspect brake chambers for excessive wear and tear 
  • Check S-cam areas for excessive wear and tear 
  • Verify wheel drums are still in acceptable tolerance with no heat damage evident. Drum wear diameter of more than 0.080 inch creates a dangerous truck operating condition 
  • Adjust brakes for proper equalized operation on each side of axle 
  • Service wheel bearings as part of a proper brake system restoration 
  • Inspection of the air brake distribution system for worn hoses, proper governor settings, and verification the auto wet tank drain is working properly. 
  • Verify the air dryer is working properly to remove as much water and oil from the compressed air used in the air brake system as possible. Excessive water (moisture) build up slows brake reaction time and oil on the brake lining will result in premature replacement cost

M.S. Trailer Repair believes in doing the job right the first time to help keep your cost lower in the long run by eliminating excessive brake repairs.

Contact Mike Russell at M.S. Trailer Repair, one of the best semi truck repair shops in Memphis, at (901) 362-6800 to set an appointment with a trucking repair service company that works hard to quickly get our customer's truck or trailer back in service making money.