Fleet Service Repair In Memphis


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Full Fleet Service Repair and Maintenance  - We KEEP You In Service

Take advantage of M.S. Trailer Repair's Full Service Truck Fleet Maintenance program to help control operating cost while keeping your fleet at optimal performance.

We are very aware of the fact that a truck or trailer down due to neglected maintenance is not making money for your company. Our fleet maintenance program is designed to find and correct the minor problems that turn into major expense repairs or big fines from DOT. One minor problem found and corrected during our diligent preventive inspection of your trucking equipment could save you thousands of dollars in major repairs.

Not only is utilizing our preventive maintenance program a wise decision to help extend the life of your equipment, you get the benefit of our mobile truck service performing the required preventive maintenance repairs at your facility.

Our Full Service Truck Fleet Maintenance Program is designed to help our customers by saving them money, time and worry:


Our mobile truck service saves you the large amount of labor hours and costly fuel required to transport your equipment to and from a service facility to have minor items repaired 

Save money by reducing major repair expenses through the planned program to correct minor problems  Your trucks and trailers will be serviced quicker and on a more frequent basis resulting in trucking equipment being back on the road faster and for longer periods of time

Dispatch: Our mobile service trucks will be dispatched to your facility to handle emergency service calls as part of the Full Service Truck Fleet Maintenance program 

Our stability as a company dedicated to being a successful transportation industry business partner now for over 30 years allows you to include us as part of your company's operation contingency plan.

Contact M.S. Trailer Repair at 901-362-6800 to discuss implementing a strategic semi-truck and trailer maintenance program at your facility that includes the Mobile Truck Service priority benefit.

We can also perform the service at our state of the art service facility located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Each semi-truck and trailer maintenance program is customized to meet your needs to help control repair cost and to help increase the life of your vital trucking equipment needed to honor the transportation commitments made to your customers.