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Lack of a proper semi trailer maintenance service plan can reduce or eliminate your profit expected from hauling a load. 

The annual annual FHWA trailer certification is not the solution for keeping your transportation equipment in optimal condition needed to help control your operating cost.

Minor problems that occur in between the annual required inspection can expand into major issues and cost that could seriously impact your business operation.

What can unknown or ignored minor problems that turn into major problems cost you? 

  • Possible personal injury lawsuits resulting from the lack of a maintenance inspection plan to discover and eliminate safety problems with trailer components such as holes in the decking. 
  • Losing a present customer who decided to choose a carrier with properly maintained and inspected transportation equipment. Your customer angry for the second time about the delay in their shipment due to your equipment in poor operating condition will quietly select another carrier to handle their shipments to keep from losing their own customer base. 
  • Finally, operating cost escalating due to allowing minor repairs to expand into a major repair cost. A good example is allowing a brake lining measurement of 16/32" found during the annual inspection to pass as acceptable only to have the brake lining wear down in the coming months to below the minimum 14/32” brake lining measurement.

The absence of an effective trailer maintenance service plan to catch these types of problems is now resulting in the brake shoe rivets damaging the brake drum. Not only do you have the brake shoe replacement cost to absorb, now you have the brake drum cost and the labor repair cost to absorb.  All that extra repair cost and you still have to make the phone call to your customer saying there will be a delay in their shipment due to an avoidable brake repair. 

At this point you have to be or should be thinking about your customer becoming a former customer.

We Want To Be The Partner Committed To Your Success

M.S. Trailer Repair is more than happy to perform the annual safety inspection IN ACCORDANCE WITH REQUIREMENTS Contained In 49 CFR: Part 396: Appendix G for your trailers.

However, we would be failing to be the diligent partner needed and committed to your company's success if we did not recommend implementing a preventive maintenance program for your fleet of transportation equipment.

We feel it is vital to keep your fleet of trailers and power units at the optimal performance level to help meet the following objectives of your operational plan: 

  • Minimizing and Eliminating Safety Issues
  • Control Operating Cost
  • Increase and Maintain Customer Satisfaction 
  • Most importantly, keep potential personal injury claim awards to a minimum due to scheduled inspections identifying and correcting liability issues 

Let M.S. Trailer Repair's qualified mechanics, backed by our over 30 years experience in delivering exceptional service to the Memphis trucking industry, perform the trailer maintenance service for your important fleet of trailers and power units. 

We also care about the Owner Operator needing a company that he or she can trust to take care of the most important asset in their business, their big rig and trailer.

Our truck and trailer maintenance programs are customized to help you control operating cost while helping to increase the life of your vital trucking equipment needed to honor the transportation commitments made to your customers.

Contact M.S. Trailer Repair at 901-362-6800 to discuss implementing a strategic semi-trailer maintenance program at your facility that includes our Mobile Truck Service priority benefit. We also perform full service truck maintenance and repairs.